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It is to think beyond business and Future Secure Immigration help our students and client institutions achieve their goals and mission as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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Immigration Information about the J1 Visa for students who are looking to enter … and strengthen professional and personal relationships between key foreign



Our immigration attorneys actively support Purdue International students looking to extend their stay. Let us help with your student visa today.


Student Migration

Students, including substantial amendments to immigration and visa policies …. are one of the major contributions to the growth of student migration.

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

Ravi Dahiya

C.E.O | Director

Ravi Dahiya

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Future Secure Immigration (FSI)

FSI Establish in 2007 and the objective and founding ethics of Future Secure Immigration (FSI) still remain the same. While doing Future Secure Immigration team members grow and develop and achieve their career objectives too in surroundings that are respectful, challenging and exciting.

 While empowering our key stakeholders, we continue to empower ourselves. While with International Education Providers to fulfill our mutual mission and help all stakeholders succeed.

We hold the knowledge, the experience and a vast network of Global Education providers who will ensure that you get the best professional marching towards our goal, we want to develop a corporate culture that is focused on customer, teamwork, speed and agility and accountability.

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Our students benefit from unrivaled support and enhanced academic and career opportunities from examination advice and direct contact with world-renowned academicians to scholarships and career guidance. We do work better than the best.

Sending your child abroad is a tough decision to make, both mentally and financially. Our detailed guide will help you understand how to support your child’s dream whilst maintaining things back home.

We have mapped a timeline for you to get started with your study abroad journey. We will walk you step-by-step through the entire application. Our team requisite documents, prepares the case files, submits and follows up the procedural work. We keep abreast of the norms and conditions for admission to various courses in reputed Institutions in various countries.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality services to our clients and ensure they completely understand the methodology behind it. Since the immigration procedure is for the benefit of the people, there is no reason why they should be held back from comprehending each step and how important each step is. We assure fast and efficient results, so our clients do not face any issues wherever they reside.

What sets us apart is our dedication regarding the services we offer, and the cohesiveness we share with our customers. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals strives to give the best solution to our clients in every scenario. At Future Secure, you get the desired results in a quick time at reasonable prices

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Make your goal so simple that you are 100% confident that you will be able to do it. Powerful determination is not about vaguely “believing in yourself”
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We create engaging learning in exclusive environment that support each student's well-being social emotional development.


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  • Focus on our Customer needs.
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  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness
  • Provide a quality services & consultancy
  • Provide a quality services & consultancy
  • Maintain safe & health working environment

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way of Student Visa & Immigration.

 Applying for a student visa to help make your visa application quick and easy. … Where do I apply for my student visa?

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FSI is providing 100% unique peace of services to our client for all types of visa. Our skilled personnel are friendly with customers and ensure that they understand the complete steps involved

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Best Overseas education visa consultants for study in you favorite country

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Questions And Answers

There are different types of Visas that are available based on your requirement and purpose of travel overseas such as Student Visa, Work Visa, Investor Visa, Business Visa, Dependent Visa, and Visitor Visa, etc.

The documents required for a Visa interview will depend on the nation and type of Visa that you are applying to. The documents that are most commonly required are:

  • Original Passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity after arrival to the overseas nation
  • All expired Passports
  • 1 photograph both hard and digital copy as per the specification
  • The Visa application confirmation page stamped at the VAC
  • A valid receipt of Visa fee payment
  • Printout of appointment letter for the Visa interview

Supporting documents required for a Visa interview

The idea of supporting documents is to verify –

  • Legality
  • Validity
  • Illegal history, if any
  • Monetary affordability;
  • Intention to return to home country

The Visa processing times are variable depending on the category of Visa and your location. It can take around a few weeks to some months

The cost of the Visa is variable depending on the category of Visa and your location. It can cost around a few hundreds of dollars to some thousands of dollars.

Below are the general guidelines for a Visa application:

  • Identify the type of Visa that you require
  • Identify the authorized place for Visa application (Embassy/Consulate)
  • Find out the most appropriate time for filing the application
  • Book an appointment for the Visa interview
  • Fill the Visa application form
  • Collate the necessary documents
  • Attend the interview for the Visa
  • Pay the required Visa fee
  • Wait for the decision on your Visa application

By the term ‘visa’ is meant an entry permit for a short and temporary visit that must not be more than 90 days in duration.

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