How To Apply An Open Work Permit For Canada

Before we jump into the in-depth information on how to get a Canada open work permit, let’s start with some basics. Canada has been the haven of over 300,000 job-seeking immigrants in the last years. For many, the country is considered a fresh start to a new life experience that enables them to earn large. Working in Canada provides you access to stable employment, working benefits, reduce the cost of living, and so on. Of course, I’m guessing you know all of these. That’s why you’re reading this piece.

Irrespective of what you’ve heard before now, the process might be tricky but not impossible. Maybe that’s because fraudsters have duped a couple of people over the internet. Nonetheless, this guide would walk you through the detailed process of how to apply for open work permit Canada. With further ado, let’s get started on the tips.

Does Your Preferred Job Require A Work Permit?

We’ve had cases of folks spending years on a work permit for a job that doesn’t require one. Before wasting that much time on a Canada open work permit, be sure the job requirement needs one. As strange as this may sound, some jobs in Canada employ foreigners without a work permit. Just before you choose to stop reading, I’ll suggest you continue till the end because it’s about to get informative in a bit.

To make sure you don’t waste your time on a permit, search for a list of Canada jobs that do not need one. However, note that you’d need other means of entry into the country without the work permit. The work permit gives you legit access into the country, and without one, you might need other documentation.

Check The Eligibility Status For The Permit

To get a Canada open work permit, there are certain requirements every individual needs to possess. You should ensure you have all of them checked before reaching out to the agency. We will briefly list a few things to have in mind when applying for Canada open work permit:

  • A documented proof of your time of exit from Canada after a speculated period.
  • Proof that the individual has enough cast at hand to cater for themselves and family members during the stay in Canada
  • Receipt of a return ticket
  • Zero criminal record
  • Does not pose a treat to Canada or its Constitution
  • Be healthy enough to travel, and willing to take safety medical examination if required
  • Haven’t worked in Canada in the space of four years
  • Pass all the grounds for admissibility in Canada

Only when these requirements are met should the individual proceed to get a Canada open work permit.


Get A Temporary Job Offer

Aside from the above-mentioned requirements, one vital piece of documentation for this process is the job offer. The offer says a lot about who you say you are and your purpose in the country. It is also proof that your potential employer truly needs your services in the Country. A temporary job offer directed to the applicant must be full-time, and acknowledge the applicant as a foreign national.

Online Or Offline Application

Now that you’ve been cleared of the requirements, the next step is to decide what mode of application works for you. You’ll be given the option to apply online or offline. To apply for an open work permit to Canada online, you must have a digital camera and scanner. Both pieces of equipment allow you to upload an image of yourself and scan your documents. However, applying in person would require that all documents be submitted to CIC.

Fees Payment

Various countries over the globe have hundreds of working immigrants fly into Canada yearly. To make payments, every applicant would have to get a payment method that converts to Canadian Dollars. To get an open work permit Canada from India, you should be sure you have the payment converted to Rupees. Be ready to pay a non-refundable $155 fee for the work permit application. Every applicant is expected to have made this payment before registration.

Submit Your Application

After all, has been said and done, your application can now be sent for review. Before submitting, ensure that the details are correct and filled in the right order. When submitting online, check the spellings in every box before clicking the next page. The submission of all forms and documents are to be forwarded online or a visa application center. Lastly, submitting in person would attack further personal questions. So be prepared.

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