Study Visa

As the name suggests, a Study visa that is issued to the applicants whose purpose of visiting another country in the pursuit of higher studies. The first hurdle in this matter is the acceptance into the university, after which the only thing to do is apply to the embassy with the proper documents. The laws of immigration are different for every country, which could alter the document one requires for the application.

Requirements For Study Visa

1. A valid passport is the pre-requisite for the application. The passport must be valid till the end of your course at least. The passport must also have a few extra blank pages for the visa stamp.

2. Proof of funds, either of the student or the person, who is in charge of the expenditures on behalf of the student. The visiting country needs to know if you will be able to afford their education, which is why this proof is or paramount importance. You will be asked how you will fund your education and arrange money for basic expenditures.

3. Proof of acceptance by the institution you have enrolled in. In some countries, it is important for the institute to recognize the immigration department of the country.

4. The medical examination report, which is advised to be done a few days before applying for the visa, as the professional may need some time to prepare the report. This condition is demanded by only a few countries.

5. Proficiency in the native language of the destination country. This is a must for almost every country, as it acts as proof that the student will be able to communicate without the help of a translator. Some English speaking countries ask the applicant to appear for language proficiency exams like TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS.

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